At Piccolo Property, we understand that a home is not just a house. It’s not a number of bedrooms, it’s a place for children to grow and friends to stay. It’s not a pool, it’s summer holidays and teaching the children to swim. It’s not a low maintenance garden, it’s lunch with friends on the weekend. It’s not a garage, it’s the home for your favourite toy. 

At Piccolo Property, our difference is our understanding. We dig deeper to develop that understanding, as finding the finest details makes the most remarkable differences! Since 2008 we have applied our principle: Know the people, know the property, know the location and understand the motivation.

Located at 1/17 Allen Street, we are happy to have our home in Hamilton, Brisbane.  

James Olsen
Associate Director
Bach. Urban & Environmental Planning

Iain Wood
BAppSc; GDipAppSC